5 steps you can take to outsmart burglars & secure your home

Experiencing a burglary is an extremely unfortunate event to endure. In the UK, a house is burgled every 106 seconds on average, so it’s important to ensure you are aware of preventative measures. We hope that you are able to implement the tips we have noted down below and that they help to protect your property.

  • Locks: Fitting quality locks will ensure your home is hard to access and investing in premium hardware will also deter burglars looking for an easy target.
  • CCTV: Investing in good quality CCTV cameras is a must to protect your home. They will act as a visual deterrent alongside their main functionality. Video door bells are also recommended as you are able to monitor your doorway through your smart phone whenever you like, giving you that sense of control when you’re away.
  • Secure: Make sure to secure your windows and letterbox from the inside as these access points are usually what a burglar will attempt to break through.
  • Hide: Keep valuables out of sight and keep your blinds and curtains drawn when you are not at home. Additionally, if you have the means to do so, it is recommended to provide your property with some privacy by surrounding it with a tall gate or fence.
  • Protect: Keep valuables in a secure safe and ideally not in the master bedroom as in the unfortunate event of a break in, burglars are likely to target the master bedroom first.

Although we at FastCash4Houses are unable to stop burglaries from happening, we do provide you with the means to move to an area with a lower crime rate, thus decreasing the likelihood of you being burgled. If you are looking to sell, we do most of the work for you and offer you a free no obligation cash offer within 24 hours. All in all, if you have any more queries at all, you can get in contact with us to speak to a member of our team directly on 01204 294356 or [email protected].

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