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Fast Cash 4 Houses are your No.1 trusted go to buyers of Houses, Commercial Property, Land, Industrial and Businesses.

When it comes to selling your house, commercial property, land, industrial and business, FastCash4Houses are the people to turn to. With our help, you get to cut out the middle man and finally push through that sale that you’ve been looking for. When you are looking for a quick sale, you need a company behind you who will help – and that’s us.

When you are looking to sell your property quickly, the worst thing to come across is constant delays. When you go via an estate agent, you have to deal with viewings, fees, paperwork delays and more, but that’s not the case with FastCash4Houses. Instead, we pride ourselves on the delivery of a service that is efficient, having built ourselves an excellent reputation over the years.

We understand that your sale may be time-sensitive and it’s for this reason that we endeavour to ensure that you get the help you deserve. We buy – it’s what we do – and we buy fast for cash. Over the years, we’ve helped tons of property owners looking to offload their property, and you could be one of them, too.

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Online Property Through an Estate Agent

You can sell your property through an estate agent who will advertise your property to potential buyers. In return they might charge a percentage of the final purchase price. You will also have solicitor fees to consider. Whilst waiting for a sale (which could take months or even years) you will still be paying all the ongoing costs. There is no guarantee that you will receive the asking price for your property. It often gets reduced over time.

We’re the quickest and most convenient solution to selling your property.

With us you can sell your property in days, with no estate agent costs or legal fees to pay. Get your free no obligation valuation today.

Online Property Portals

Advertising your property online is a great way of reaching a potentially wider audience. This can also have the benefit of saving on estate agent fees. However you will still have the solicitor’s fees to cover. Like the estate agent route, you will still be waiting on the sale of your property, whilst still paying ongoing payments. Additionally you might have to take time off to show potential buyers around the property.


Here at FastCash4Houses, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to buying homes, lands, commercial properties and businesses. Our friendly team is always eager to help our clients, and you need only give us a call at 01204 294 356 or use the convenient contact forms on our website to get in touch

A Confidential Approach

For years, we’ve worked hard to give our customers a no-obligation offer with a fast turnaround. When we speak to you, everything remains as confidential an empathic as possible for selling your property. You need a process that doesn’t waste your time, and in some cases, we have concluded sales within 7 days from offer to completion. We believe that our efficient approach and our knowledgeable team make the perfect combination for a fast buying process.

FastCash4Houses VS Estate Agents

You can approach an estate agent and get your property listed efficiently, and that estate agent will advertise your property to buyers. However, they may charge you a fee in the shape of a percentage of the purchase price. You have to consider the solicitor’s fees then that you have to pay, too. While you wait around for your property to be sold, you still have to find the cash for the ongoing costs of the building. You don’t have a guarantee that you will receive your asking price and you will find that the quickest way to sell your property is with us. We specialise in a fast turnaround every single time, making us the most convenient solution to your property sale. We can often help our clients to sell their property in as little as 7 days from giving them an offer. This includes all of the paperwork and legal processes you’ll have to go through to get this done.

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We know that this is a big sale for you, and we know that you want it over and done with as fast as possible. With our turnaround time being so fast, why not contact us today and get your free, no-obligation quote? You won’t need to take time off to show buyers the space, and you can rely on a company with integrity. With one phone call, you can get your quote and get ready to sell your property, whether it’s a residential home, industrial space or commercial property. Let’s talk it over together!