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We are active buyers of land across England, Scotland and Wales. Do you need to sell fast? No matter what size or what type of land we are always open to buying.

From green belt, brown belt, contaminated, or even land with property. Whether in a rural location, city centre or even a small parcel of land in a dense residential location. Or whether it has or hasn’t got planning or is pending approval, we are interested!

Our team has access to funds to provide you with a no-obligation offer for your land. We will work with you to your timescale to help you sell your land fast.

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While there is always a high demand for land, selling property like this can be far more challenging than you expect. At least, it is when you don’t have the help of FastCash4Houses behind you. The land is one of the most popular property types to be sold through us. Both our private and business clients always get a fast turnaround on the sale of their land. But why exactly should you choose us to help with your land sale? Let’s find out.

Land Of Any Type Or Size

Here at FastCash4Houses, we’re not picky about the type of land we’ll buy. No matter the size or type of land you have on offer, we’ll be able to offer an obligation-free quote that makes it incredibly easy to make your sale. This means that we are just as interested in rural fields and farmland as we are in small pockets of residential land in urban environments, giving you the tools to sell your land almost instantly. We can often help our clients to sell their property in as little as 7 days from giving them an offer. This includes all of the paperwork and legal processes you’ll have to go through to get this done.

Any Location

The location of your land is also of little concern to our team. The valuation we make will be based in part on similar land that’s sold in the same area in the past, and this means that the price you get for your land is likely to change depending on your location. Our expert team will always work hard to make sure that our offers are fair, reflecting the local market to make sure that you get a good deal.

No Need For Buildings Or Planning

FastCash4Houses is happy to buy land no matter the condition it’s in. We can buy land that has buildings on it, but we’re also interested in a land with nothing at all. Some property investment companies will only buy land that has proper construction plans that come with it. While we’re more than happy to buy land with planning permission, we can also give you money for land that doesn’t have any planning whatsoever.

Sell Land Fast

Unlike many other property investment companies, FastCash4Houses always has access to the funds we need to help you to sell land fast. We will be able to provide an obligation-free offer for your land within 24 hours of receiving the details about it, and many of our sales are finished within a week of getting started. This is far faster than the turnaround you will experience on the regular property market, enabling you to sell your land in the blink of an eye. FastCash4Houses has a wealth of experience when it comes to buying land. Our expert team of lawyers and real estate developers will be able to help you through each step of the way, providing you with all of the information you need for a successful sale. If you’d like to discuss the sale of your land, simply give us a call at 01204 294 356 or send an email using the convenient contact forms across our site.