How To Sell Farm Land

Selling farmland can easily be achieved by following the right processes and using all the tools at your disposal. Farms and farmland market demand are increasing; if you want to get yours noticed and ahead of the rest then following these steps will be beneficial:


When selling anything, it is important to present it in the best possible way. How the land looks can impact how the buyer envisions their future with it. To make it presentable and to get more value out of it, remove any waste material as it would  make it look neater and larger. Cut any grass, hedges or trees and maintain them well for the duration of the sale, this will bode well when you are photographing the land for advertising or when you are conducting viewings.


It can take 6 –12 months to complete a sale of farmland with spring to summer being the most successful period to sell.  This period is where crops are flourishing and the weather is better for viewings, giving the potential buyer a better idea of how the land could benefit them.


If you are the sole owner of the land, the title deeds will be in your name. Make sure to have these documents ready for transfer of ownership as being unprepared can cause delays of the sale and scare of potential buyers. You can contact the land registry to confirm and issue the Title Deeds.


If you overprice your land, it can eliminate some serious buyers in the market. Knowing the market value will help calculate a reasonable and fair selling price and will attract more buyers as there will be value for money. To determine an estimated value, you need to have your land appraised by an experienced appraiser.

Get Help

Estate agents do not often deal with selling land. They tend to prioritise properties in their portfolio as there is a higher demand for them. However, there will be agents who can help you, even if they are not experts in selling land.

Using an online platform to sell your land would likely attract more interest. You can do all of the above to prepare for selling your land and market it yourself using these platforms.

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