How to sell vacant land

Land can be slightly more difficult to sell than other real estate, this is because the potential function of it is not readily available for all buyers to see. The buyer will need an imagination to picture the potential of the land. You will be selling a vision to the customer of what this land could be for them, a future endeavour in which they can build themselves exactly what they want, how they want. Finding a buyer and being able to successfully pitch this to them is a difficult feat without help from professionals like estate agents.

Estate agents do not often deal with land opportunities though, they have a smaller pool of buyers for land, and their commission can be considerably less than what they’re used to. This is why they tend to prioritise other properties in their portfolios. That being said, there are agents out there who will be willing to help. However, estate agents are not experts in selling land, they are trained in selling properties, so there’s no guarantee they will be able generate interest.

Ways To Sell

A better option when looking to sell your land is using online platforms. There are many online marketplaces where you are able to list products for free, including real estate. This would mean creating an account on the platform then taking photos of the real estate you have and uploading them. From there you would have to write about the potential of the land, what it can be used for and include details of any planning permission that’s been granted.

Considerations When Selling Land:

Price – having your land appraised to determine the value is essential. Overpricing your land can eliminate many potential buyers in the market, so knowing the market value will help calculate a reasonable and fair selling price.

Title Deeds – be sure you are the sole owner of the land and the Title Deeds are in your name. Not having these affairs in order can scare off buyers and delay the sale. You can contact the Land registry to confirm and issue the Title Deeds.

Presentation – the way the land looks can impact how a buyer envisions their future with it, so presenting it in the best possible way is essential. To get the most value, be sure to have any waste material removed making the land look neater and larger. Cut any grass and hedges. All these things will bode well for when you are ready to photograph the land for advertisement.

Cash Buying Services:

FastCash4Houses is a real estate cash buying service, they do exactly what they say on the tin, buy property for cash. Whether it is commercial, residential or vacant land, we are interested. We have a simple 3 step process; tell us about your property, we provide a free no obligation cash offer and if you’re happy to accept, we process the sale. This is all done without incurring any fees or unnecessary work on the buyer’s behalf. Our streamlined service offers a sale while reducing all the effort and cost to the seller.

To get your free no obligation quote, you can get in contact with us and speak to a member of our team directly on 01204 294356 or [email protected]. If you have any more queries at all, click the link here for some more FAQ’s:

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