Are you ready for the challenge?

The bottom line is, it is unlikely just going to be bit of painting and decorating which will sufficiently increase the value, and that’s if you’re lucky. When you see property shows on the television, they may make it look like an easy job, but you would need to be prepared and be realistic. You are most likely going to be taking on a mammoth task of significantly changing the structure and appearance of the house to make it more visually appealing and effectively bringing it in line with current market value.

Unfortunately, having said this, it doesn’t come cheap and you most likely won’t be able to do it all yourself. It crucial to be keeping a close eye on the project and be heavily involved. If you’re not able to physically, you should be on site all the time monitoring progress, dealing with any delays and decisions and seeing where costs may be increasing and where they can be cut. Even if you have employed a contractor to oversee things, watching over everything yourself is essential to avoid losing any money.

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