How Long To Sell A House Once Offer Accepted

Selling a property can be a demanding and exhaustive challenge, especially if you require a quick transfer. In normal circumstances, the average time to sell a home, from accepting an offer to the exchange of contracts, can be 2 – 3 months. Once the contracts have been exchanged, the sale will become legally binding. Before the exchange of contracts, any party can change their mind and refuse to continue with the sale with little or no financial penalties. 

The most common cause of this type of occurrence is a chain break, but steps can be taken to reduce the possibility of a chain break. There are important things you can do to help speed up the process and get you into your new property.

Appoint A Solicitor

It is beneficial for both buyers and sellers to appoint a legal professional once an offer has been received. They are there to guide you through the conveyancing process to protect you against any potential problems, and they are quick and efficient in their abilities. Finding the right solicitor is essential, doing some online research, reading reviews and taking some personal recommendations is a promising route to finding a quality conveyancer or solicitor to handle the legal obligations. Some tasks they are responsible for include drawing up contracts and legalising the sale of the house. This provides legal proof the ownership has switched hands from one party to the other. They are skilled in the work they do and are familiar with these processes, alleviating a lot of stress from the sellers and buyers. Conveyancing fees will depend on the amount of work needed to be carried out and fees can vary from £750 – £1500.


Being prepared for the move is the best position to be in once the offer has been accepted. Once a date has been agreed upon, plan the move by sourcing help to pack and transport your personal belongings to your new home. Enlist help from family and friends to pack, you can also hire help from professional removal services. Being the reason for a delay or a hold-up in the process is not a position you want to be in, especially in a long chain. Issues delaying the process can have a rippling effect on the whole chain, so be proactive and be prepared to avoid slowing down the process.

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