How much do estate agents charge to sell a house?

Buying or selling a property can be a stressful ordeal, which can be time consuming, emotionally challenging and expensive. Luckily, for those out there looking to sell, estate agents can relieve a lot of that stress by managing the advertising of the property, dealing with enquiries, attending viewings with potential buyers and negotiating prices. This is why they are one of the biggest costs you will encounter when selling your home as for their services, agents either charge a fixed fee, or a percentage of the selling price.

Online Agents

In recent years, more and more people are choosing to use online agents to sell their homes. These agents typically charge a fixed fee for their services, and are usually a more cost-effective alternative to a traditional high street agent.

According to Which? certain agents allow you to list on their website for free, but typical fixed fees for an online agent can range between £99 and £3,999. Although this can be a cheaper alternative, some agents won’t offer a full range of service that a typical high street agent would. Most online agents take care of advertising the property, which means they wouldn’t be responsible for conducting viewings or handling negotiations.

High Street Agents

When it comes to selling a house, most people choose to use a traditional high street estate agent. They generally charge a percentage of the selling price and these charges can differ depending on the location of the property. However, on lower value properties a fixed fee contract may be suggested, in these cases the seller should be vigilant and work out the percentage to be confident they are getting a competitive price.

According to The Advisory, in England and Wales the current average high street agency fee is 1.18%+VAT for a sole agency agreement on a no sale no fee basis. That would come to a total of 1.42% including VAT, and at this rate, if your home sold for £200,000, the fees would amount to £2840.

As previously mentioned, charges vary depending on location, and they generally range from 0.75% to 3%. When it’s time to discuss fees, it’s always helpful to remember that negotiating on price is okay, and their quoted price should include the VAT. Previously, agent fees used to be quoted without VAT, but since 2016 the rules now state that all quotes should include VAT.


Selling a home can be long and stressful, delays can happen and arrangements can fall through at any point, regardless of the time and energy spent organising and negotiating a deal.

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Which One Should I Choose?

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