How To Sell a House with No Parking

When selling a property and advertising to generate interest, its important and helpful to focus on the benefits and the best qualities it can offer to a new owner. All properties have different shortfalls for different people, and to some, it is the best property available to them.

When advertising, focus on the best qualities the property can offer such as its spaciousness, modern attributes, garden, views and how it is lovingly maintained. It is essential to build value in the property without exaggerating. Being truthful in advertising will generate interest from genuine potential buyers who are serious about the property. Exaggerating or lying about the property could attract buyers who will come to view the property but will not be interested when viewed. To attract genuine buyers, focus on the positive while also being realistic and mentioning some shortfalls. Any shortfall such as lack of parking can be a small note at the bottom of the advert saying ‘no personal parking available’. Most viewing this property from reading the advertisement may not hold parking as an essential quality for their new property. That way you can target those people and invite them to see your property in person. 

If you have any local public parking that is available, make that clear for any readers and display the costs if associated. Although parking may not be essential to some people, getting around via public transport will be. Identify any local public transport available to local towns and cities via bus, train or taxi. Although vast amounts of people don’t drive, getting around is still important. Outline how far public transport is and the costs to get to local places.

If you find you are struggling to sell the property or even generate interest and viewings, its important to price the property appropriately. The best advice would be to hire a professional in the real estate industry to value the property. This can give you confidence in the value you can achieve from your home after all characteristics have been taken into consideration. 

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