How to sell your house on Facebook

Buying and selling your home is an expensive process. You need to pay buyer fees on your new home for surveys, conveyancing and mortgage arrangement fees. You’re also liable for seller fees. If you sell your home through an estate agent, they will charge you an upfront one-off fee or a percentage of your home’s final selling value.

The power of social media

When you think social media, you think of connecting with your friends and family, sharing what you’ve been cooking up in the kitchen any even celebrating milestones. You would never would have associated it as a marketing tool for selling your home!

Facebook is a great way to help show off your home to a wider audience and create interest around your property, all by keeping costs low. One of the main reasons that Facebook is a good way of promoting your home is that news travels fast. If you’ve got 100 people in your friends list, who each have 100 friends, you have the potential of reaching 10,000 people. However, you do need to be realistic, as not all your friends will be interested in buying a house so may not share anything that they feel isn’t relevant to them.

Advertising on Facebook

The best thing about using Facebook is that it can help you to target the right audience, but it does come at a cost. Luckily, you can set a daily cap on the amount you want to spend, and you can stick to a budget.

By creating a Facebook ad, you can target users by certain criteria, such as age, gender, location etc. However, you will need to be brief with your ad due to a 135-character limit. So, the key is to make your ad stands out and use quality pictures to draw in your audience with their eyes.

Now for the technical part

Here are some things you should do if you want to make the most out of your social media account, all of which are free!

• Create a photo album of your home. You are not restricted to how many pictures you can add on your page, like you would on a property listing. Make sure you show your property at its best by taking high resolution, quality photos. If you’re budget stretches, you could hire someone with a professional camera to get all the right shots.
• Create a video tour of your home. You can easily create a video using your smartphone and make it look professional using editing apps which are widely available, some even for free.
• Share links to your listings on property sites, if you have them.
• Create a Facebook fan page for your house and ask your family and friends to like and share it to their profile and friends.

Your privacy matters

When it comes to selling your property on Facebook, you should also consider how much of your information you want to share to the public. Thankfully Facebook has great privacy settings so you can set certain things on your profile to remain private or restricted, whilst keeping all the relevant information about your house accessible to the public.

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