How To Sell Your House To A Cash Buyer

Selling a house can feel stressful; the uncertainty and risks that come along with a property chain can be unbearable and sometimes damaging to your mental health. A property chain is when a group of home buyers and sellers are connected, each member has to purchase the house they want but wait until the seller has bought their next home. A way to avoid the stress and hassle of this is to sell to a cash buyer.

A cash buyer is someone who has the funds at their disposal to purchase a property outright without the need for mortgage or lender approval. They will have the fund available when making an offer and won’t need to wait to sell their current property to complete the purchase.

In essence, the process of selling your property to a cash buyer is not that different from a property chain process. The exception is that the buyer will not need to obtain a mortgage or sell his own property to complete the sale. When an offer is made from a person who claims they are a cash buyer, the sensible thing to do before accepting the offer and taking down any advertising would be to confirm they have the funds available for the purchase. If you’re using an estate agent to handle the selling process, they can contact the buyer and obtain proof of their financial status. Once this has been confirmed you can accept the offer and complete the sale. It would be advised not to accept any offer without proof of purchase funds, if they are unable to prove they have the funds then wait for another buyer to become interested.

Selling to a cash buyer has a range of advantages, including a quicker process from offer to completion, cutting out the property chain, and eliminating the risk of mortgage issues. Finding a cash buyer is easy too, FastCash4Houses is a cash buying service in the property industry. We are the quickest and most convenient solution to selling your property and can even sell your property in days, with no estate agent costs or legal fees to pay.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quick turnaround; with us, you can obtain a sale from offer through to completion within 7 days. For those looking to sell their home in the quickest, cheapest, and most convenient way, then using FastCash4Houses would be the best option. With us, you can sell your property in a quicker time frame with no estate agent or legal fees to pay.

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