How to sell your land yourself

Having taken the plunge to sell your land, you may be at a crossroads, wondering which is the right method to use.

Your first idea may be to sell via a land agent, an option many sellers use. Despite undoubtedly having many benefits, there are some consequences of choosing this method which may make you realise that selling it yourself (or by owner, as it is commonly known) is an easier solution for you.


You will always come across fierce competition when attempting to sell land. However, when using an agent, there is a high possibility that your land will be placed directly alongside hundreds of others. All similar, yet of varying prices and quality.

It is therefore a possibility that your land will get lost in the sea of options to choose from, only attracting buyers if your land is the best or the cheapest they see on the list. This could mean there will be fewer chances of a successful sale.


If the agents you choose to sell your land with work on commission, they will likely put their time and efforts into the bigger properties with bigger prospects. Being an owner of a smaller, unimproved piece of land might mean there is a chance you could be left out in the cold.

These drawbacks may mean that selling via agent may not work favourably for you, and you may want to consider a sale by owner. It could be the case that marketing and selling yourself is more profitable and therefore, a more attractive affair.

Where do I start?

Understand what buyers are looking for.

When putting land on the market, it is important to have a strong awareness of who your potential buyers are and what they will want.

Think about the type of land you have and what it will accommodate, this should give you an idea of your target audience.

Understanding who your potential buyers are is imperative for marketing it correctly and getting an idea of what a realistic asking price.

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