How to take pictures of your house to sell

When selling your house, the importance of photographs should not be underestimated. First impressions are incredibly important to buyers and the quality and staging of your photographs can make or break a house sale.

This article contains our top tips to get your house looking its best!

  1. Professionalism

Recently, camera advancements on mobile phones have made it more acceptable and feasible to take high quality photographs yourself. However, given the immense importance of photography, hiring a professional to take the photographs for you has always been the safest and most worthwhile option.

Chatting with someone with experience may bring your attention to the best angles and lighting benefits that you may not have thought of otherwise.

  1. Declutter/depersonalise

Say goodbye to any rogue shampoo bottles or baby toys!

Buyers like to be able to visualise themselves living in a new home, and if there is excessive clutter or too many personal objects on display, it may be off putting.

You want to draw attention to the property’s best features, and any unnecessary clutter may distract from this. It is therefore important that the property is staged so that it remains homely and appealing, while refraining from looking too chaotic on photographs.

  1. The lighting and weather conditions

Good, natural lighting is key to high quality photographs that show off everything your home has to offer prospective buyers.

Choosing a dry, sunny day will make the property look all the more impressive. Take note of when, and how, the light hits your house, as photographing the home during a bright time of day will improve exterior shots. If you ensure all windows are clean and blinds and curtains are open, the rooms will look big, bright, and airy as a result.

  1. Expectations vs reality

There are many tips that will help you to improve the way your property looks on photographs. For example, positioning the camera in the corner of the room is essential to making said room appear larger. However, it is essential that a balance is struck between showing your home in its most appealing and favourable light while still remaining honest.

Distorting the reality will only lead to disappointed viewers, as when potential buyers arrive for an in-person viewing, there is a chance home will not match what they have seen online. The last thing you need while selling a much-loved home are people feeling misled.

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