Should I view the property again before exchange?

So you’ve put in an offer for a property but the last time you viewed it might have been quite a while ago and you feel you need another visit to put your mind at ease.

Should you view the property again before exchange?

The simple answer is yes. Buying a property is a very important decision both financially and legally so it is essential that you are 100% sure about the purchase before exchange of contracts. Once contracts have been exchanged you have entered into a legally binding contract which is extremely difficult to get out of. For this reason, you must make sure you are happy and satisfied with the property you are going to purchase before exchange.

You may want a second viewing for multiple reasons. Firstly, it might have been a long time since your first viewing and you need a refresher of the exact details of the property before you make such a big commitment. Secondly, it is also a good idea to carry out a check of the condition of the property to make sure that the seller hasn’t made any unexpected drastic changes since your first viewing. These changes could be something as simple as painting the walls a different colour but they might be deal-breaker for some buyers and so it is essential to go for a second viewing. You can also carry out checks on appliances and facilities to ensure that everything is in working order. This is of paramount importance as the seller must give you the property in the condition that it was in when contracts were exchanged. Therefore, it is wise to go for a second viewing as close as possible to exchange.

Second viewings before exchange are quite common and as mentioned above are a sensible decision. All you need to do is arrange a convenient time slot with your seller. You can use this opportunity to walk around the neighbourhood and get a feel for the new area you could potentially be settling in. You might even be able to talk in greater depth with the seller and ask any final questions. This is helpful as you can get another opinion on the property and details from people who have actually lived there rather than from your estate agent. In this way, a second viewing really is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

A seller might be sceptical at first if you ask for a second viewing but you must assure them that it is simply a step that you are taking to reassure yourself that you have made the right decision. A seller may be worried that your doubts may lead to you pulling out but this is unlikely to happen if the property is still largely the same as it was in the first viewing.

For these reasons a second viewing before exchange of contracts is the best way to put your mind at ease before making a legal and financial commitment.

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