When do people sell their house?

The decision to sell a home is a big one, and it can often take a long time to reach the conclusion that selling is the right thing to do for your circumstances. Why and when people sell their houses is often quite personal, however there are some general things to consider.

When it feels right, or when it feels necessary.

There may come a time in a seller’s life where it just feels appropriate to start afresh in a new area, or a new job may arise and it is necessary to move closer to the opportunity. Some people may also choose to downsize, move abroad, or free up some extra cash.

Whatever the reason, you should be 100% sure that it is correct for you. The benefits and drawbacks should be weighed up first, so that the decision has not been made on impulse.

When the market is right

It is also important to take the economy into account and sell when the housing market is at its best. Doing this could make all the difference to the offers you receive and how quickly your home is sold.

It is always advisable that you obtain some professional advice regarding the housing market before selling.

When Spring arrives

Spring (March-June) tends to be regarded as the best time to sell a house. The weather will hopefully begin to improve, and the amount of natural sunlight will increase, making a home and garden look at its most attractive. June and July could also be good months as it gives both buyers and sellers the opportunity to complete before a new school year begins.

Late summer is often not to be as successful due to busy school holidays and potential buyers going abroad, and the hectic festive season can also make winter a poor time to sell.

This being said, Autumn is also thought to be a good time to put a house on the market, as the weather is often dry and pleasant, making a home look attractive, and people will be looking to move with still a good amount of time left before Christmas approaches.

However, in recent years with events such as the coronavirus pandemic and stamp duty holiday, these old “rules” and patterns seemed to get turned on their heads! It is therefore important to take note of these seasonal changes, but do not let them guide your judgement completely.

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