How Easy Is It To Sell A House?

The ease of selling a house has many contributing factors, with the main ones being location, size, and price. The most stressful aspect of selling a house can be the time taken to complete the process. If you have the right location, size, and price, the demand for a property will likely be high. This will then attract lots of potential buyers to arrange viewings, and the more viewings a property and the more likely it is to sell.

Therefore, although it can sell quicker with the right attributes, there is still work required to be done by the seller. Professionals can be hired to handle most of the responsibilities when selling a property, but they won’t be able to do everything. They can take care of the advertising, manage potential buyer enquiries and handle most of the legal aspects with solicitors. Depending on the services you use, they may offer to handle the viewings too making it easier for you as a seller. However, bear in mind for their services, professionals like estate agents and solicitors do charge fees. An estate agent usually charges a percentage of the selling price, and solicitors usually have fixed fees which can range from £500 to £2000.

There will be certain tasks that the seller will need to manage, first and foremost being to make the property presentable for pictures to advertise, and for the viewings that will follow. Preparing well for these will make the whole process easier as a well-presented property allows potential buyers to picture themselves living there, it can encourage them to make an offer. Of course, the sooner you accept an offer, the sooner the process will be complete which would speed up the process.

Selling a house can take some time, the process can take up to a year to complete in some circumstances. The cost of selling can also be high as we saw earlier in regards to estate agents and legal fees. To bypass these costs and reduce the difficulty of selling, FastCash4Houses has a 3 step process to make selling a house easy for anyone. First, you need to tell us about the property, then based on that information we will provide a valuation and finally, within 24 hours we will be able to provide an offer on that property.

So, for anyone looking to reduce the amount of workload and fees when selling a property, then selling to a cash buying company like us is probably the best option for you. At FastCash4Houses we can get a seller from offer to completion within 7 days, so when you are ready to sell your house in the quickest, cheapest, and most convenient way, call FastCash4Houses. With us, you can sell your property in a quicker time frame with no estate agent or legal fees to pay. To get your free no-obligation valuation today and to find out more about how we can help then visit our website at or get in contact with us to speak to a member of our team directly on 01204 294356 or [email protected]. At FastCash4Houses, we want to support you every step of the way as you sell your property.

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