How Hard Is It To Sell A House?

The process of selling your house can feel synonymous with stress and difficulty. It can be a long and drawn-out process that can be halted, delayed, or fall through at any point. There are also many different approaches to selling your house, all with different difficulty levels and different levels of involvement from the seller. In this article, we aim to explore how difficult each method of selling your property can be and provide a few tips for each one.

Traditional Method

When it comes to selling a house, most people tend to use traditional brick-and-mortar real estate agents. These are the high street brands we are used to seeing when driving or passing by a for-sale sign that is posted outside of the house. These agents offer their services to help advertise the property and generate interest from buyers. They can also handle any viewings and ongoing correspondence from potential buyers, taking away the hassle from yourself. Although they do handle a lot of correspondence, ultimately in certain situations you will have the last say and they will contact you for your decision or opinion on any matters they deem necessary. They can make the selling process a lot easier for a seller due to handling a lot of the selling process but can ultimately be a long process. For their services, they do charge a fee that is usually a percentage of the sale price.


When selling a property conveyancing solicitors will be used to draw up contracts and legalise the sale of the house; essentially legally performing the switch of ownership from yourself to the buyer. They handle all legal aspects of buying and selling a property for you. They will keep you updated regularly, and can help you by answering questions regarding the process of buying. They are skilled in the work they do and are familiar with these processes; alleviating a lot of stress from the sellers and buyers, as they will not have to perform these operations themselves. Conveyancing fees will depend on the amount of work needed to be carried out and fees can vary from £750 – £1500.

There Are Other Options

There is a lot of help available from professionals when selling a property to make it easier for sellers and buyers. This help can speed up the whole process and get you in your new property or help release equity for another project. However, as mentioned they do charge large fees for their work. For anyone looking to reduce the amount of workload and fees when selling a property then selling to a cash buying company is probably the best option for you.

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