How much in fees to sell a house?

Living in a post-modern era, with the rise of technology; the opportunity for the methods in which one can sell a house can vary immensely. With that being said, the fees that can accumulate in the process of selling a house can also vary extremely; depending on the avenue one may opt to take. The main insight to take away from this article, however, is that the choice is entirely yours and the decisions that you make will have a direct impact on the fees you incur. We’ve put together an article that consists of avenues you can take if you are wanting to sell a house, along with the fee’s you’d ought to expect with said avenues.

Estate Agents

Understandably, the option to choose an estate agent to sell your property may spring to mind. In most cities, estate agent branches are often located all around the city centre, so they are pretty hard to disregard when the situation arises as to when you are wanting to sell a house. As prominent and as seemingly accessible as these branches may appear to be; they may not be the best avenue to take if you’re wanting to stay away from high fees. According to Which?, estate agents can charge anywhere between 0.85% to a staggering 3.07%. Although, these prices do vary dependant on the company you go with and the area in which the house resides.

Online property marketplaces

Additionally, estate agents generally use online marketplaces such as ‘RightMove’ to promote properties, especially due to the public preferring online searches due to the ease of use of ever evolving technology. In regards to fee’s, advertising your property on the platform on a standard listing (which only allows 2 thumbnail photos of your property) does not incur any charges. On the other hand, being the UK’s largest property portal can come at a disadvantage to those using a standard listing. In an already saturated market, the only real way to ensure your property was to get sold in a quick time frame on RightMove would be to choose between other listing options. However, the Premium and Featured options charge between £125 up to £274 which does not make this avenue the cheapest option with the added issue of estate agent fees.


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