How much does it cost to sell a house in Scotland?

Selling a house can feel like a lengthy procedure, and with all the processes involved, you may be interested in getting an insight in to the amount of fees one can accumulate along the endeavour. You will find that the processes and formalities involved in selling a house across different countries in the United Kingdom will have their similarities. However, if your house is located particularly in Scotland, we have put together a short guide on what costs you’d ought to expect.

The Home Report

A home report is a document which a person is obligated to obtain when selling a house in Scotland. This report is extremely important to attain; as being negligent and not completing it can result in a hefty penalty charge of £500. So, when asking the question, ‘how much does it cost to sell a house in Scotland?’, it would be ideal to avoid such a charge which would add to your costs and instead, be pro-active in arranging for a home report as soon as possible. This is because you should be able to provide the buyer the report within 9 days upon their request or else, they are within their rights to report you to trading standards.

The report contains information which is divided up in to 3 categories which we have broken down and simplified for you bellow:

  • A single survey and valuation: This section of the report is where, upon inspection by a Surveyor, you are notified of the current condition of the home in regards to any repairs that are required to be completed before sale. It also documents accessibility features that the house has and provides you with a valuation of the property
  • An Energy Report (EPC): This is a report which is required when selling a house in all parts of the UK. The report provides an efficiency rating of energy and informs the buyer of ways to reduce their energy usage and costs.
  • A property questionnaire: Similar to the TA6 form used in England, this questionnaire documents 16 factors such as details of any extensions built on the home, the council tax band, or past damage from storms etc.

The report single survey and valuation report and property questionnaire must be carried out by a Chartered Surveyor, so in terms of the costs associated with a Home Report, it can cost anywhere between £250 all the way up to £750, dependant on the size of your property and the surveyor you choose to complete the report.

Other Fees

Some additional fees that you’d ought to expect are generalised fees which aren’t specific to Scotland, rather all of the UK. An example of these are Conveyancing fees which cost up to approximately £1,200. Estate agent fees which vary depending on the value of the property and the agent you choose. Also, there are fees for certificates such as EPC’s and Property Title Deeds. For more information on certificates and fees, you can browse through the FAQ section on our website at

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