How quickly can a house sale go through with no chain?

When it comes to selling your property, the speed of the sale is dependent on purchases either side. In other words, the linked house purchases are mutually dependent for a successful outcome. This can cause complications to arise, particularly if the chain is lengthy which may result in the wait extending to several months. Of course, there is a great deal of legal and administrative work involved in these processes so it is no wonder that there is a prolonged period before contracts can be exchanged and completed.

On the flip side of the coin, there is the possibility of conveyancing with no chain. Thus, the question arises about how long the process will take. In this article, we will outline how long it may take for house sales to go through without a chain and possible factors which could increase the length of this process.

How long does a house sale take?

A house sale without a chain is possible to be completed in a period as short as four weeks. This is undoubtedly ideal, particularly for people who are hoping to move into a new property as soon as possible. The main point is to ensure that the paperwork is completed on time and so long as this is achieved, there is little reason for why a chain-free house sale should take longer than a month. Thanks to ever advancing technology facilitating faster communication and relaying of information, the process of conveyancing can be considerably sped up.

What factors affect the speed of a house sale?

Nevertheless, there are of course factors which can hinder a speedy house sale. A complex funding process means that paperwork may take longer to complete. Cash sales or mortgages, once granted approval, could be an efficient and effective solution to completing conveyancing.

What about search delays?

Another factor which can slow down the process of conveyancing is search delays. This is most noticeable during peak times, such as Spring when the desire to move home annually peaks. When conveyancing services are in high demand, it goes without saying that customers may have to wait longer for the results.

The overall message

It is clear that there is no single solution or way to conveyancing. Whilst no buying chain could certainly decrease the length of conveyancing than a property in the middle of a chain, it is ultimately only one of many factors. Selling a house is a complex process and oftentimes there are unprecedented events which can hold up the conveyancing. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that conveyancing with no chain has potential to speed up a house sale.

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