What is the quickest a house sale can go through?

At FastCash4Houses, a question we are commonly asked is what the quickest time is a house sale can go through. As with many things in life, there is no clear definitive answer due to the host of factors which affect the speed of the process. Oftentimes there are unpredictable delays which influence the outcome. For a straightforward transaction, six to eight weeks is typical. Nevertheless, there are of course many ways which can significantly decrease the length of the process such as booking a survey early, speeding up searches and managing the chain. In this article, we will be outlining the external factors which affect the speed at which a house sale can go through and suggest how to increase the pace.

Organising the finances

Sorting out the finances is the main way to speed up the process of a successful house sale. It goes without saying that arranging a mortgage takes time, so starting this as early as possible will pay off in the long term. Having the necessary information and documents ready for buyers will increase your validity and take away the stress of supplying this all in the desired timescale. At FastCash4Houses, we are here to help. If you tell us about your property, we will process the property valuation and provide you with an obligation-free offer within 24 hours. This will optimise your time to make a decision about the property you are selling, and our friendly team will always be here to lend you a helping hand.

Identify the issues early on

To boost the speed of a house sale, identifying issues early on will make a world of difference. Possible problems which may arise at this point include planning permission, for which insurance policy would be arranged to guard against the risk of enforcement action. Another point to consider is being in a chain, in which case progress may be slow due to issues out of your control. In this case, it is worth acknowledging the dependencies and monitoring the situation to ensure that everyone is working to the same target completion date. The key to this is clear, open, and honest communication which can keep things on track and ensure that potential problems can be avoided.

Increasing the speed of searches

Speeding up the searches of a property can considerable increase the rate of a house sale. In an increasingly digitised world, taking advantage of time-saving technologies such as online search facilities will increase exposure of the property to buyers. FastCash4Houses can help you auction your property and spread the word, increasing the overall speed of your house sale.

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