How to get your house ready to sell? Checklist

Like with all endeavours in life, a little preparation goes a long way. Selling a house can sometimes feel like a stressful task due to the sheer multitude of processes involved and the arrangements you are required to make beforehand. Due to this, it is highly advisable to stay organised to ensure you maintain the feeling of control over the venture.

Here at FastCash4Houses we want you to feel prepared as you embark upon this endeavour as we pride ourselves on making the process of selling a house as simple and easy as it can possibly be. Being prepared is key when listing your property on the housing market as you want to make sure that your property looks attractive to prospective buyers. Additionally, people will most likely arrange viewings to inspect the property, so it is important to ensure that your house looks presentable. We have taken the time to create this “How to get your house ready to sell? Checklist” so that you don’t have to.  Simply, follow the steps bellow to ensure your property shines amongst the rest:

1) Declutter: No one likes a messy home, especially if you’re considering the house to become your own future home! Clutter can distract prospective buyers from the potential of the house so make sure to declutter before taking pictures and before viewings. You can do this buy sorting and hiding away any half-opened letters on your coffee table and – if applicable – removing children’s toys and even pet toys from sight.

2) Remove: At viewings, you want the buyer to be able to envision what they are going to decorate the house like. It is worthwhile removing your personal possessions such as pictures of the family and unconventional art work as it will allow people coming to view the house to come up with their own ideas of how the house should look. Furthermore, you should think about removing irrelevant items, e.g., packing away your electric heaters if its Summer.

3) Organise: Keeping things organised allows for a streamline appearance of the property. Focus on organising shelves by straightening up books and arranging ornaments in a aesthetically pleasing manner. Also, make sure to not have lots of shoes and coats crowding in the doorway as it can make the property feel small.

4) Create: You want to set a good ambiance in the house so make sure to take your pictures with good lighting, ideally in the day time. Also, give the house a welcoming feel by adding some fresh flowers and plants around the property.

5) Showcase: You want to draw attention to the main focus points in your home, e.g. If you have big beautiful windows, make sure they are visible and easily accessible.

6) First Impressions: As we all know; first impressions are very important and the first thing your prospective buyer will see is the outside of the house. Try painting over any chipped paint on the door and window frames. Also, make sure to remove any weeds and trim over-grown grass.

7) Clean: Cleanliness is an extremely important factor to remember when taking pictures and hosting viewings. It’s as simple as having the floors vacuumed and mopped and surfaces such as kitchen counters and tables should be dirt free.

If you would like to enquire about more information on how clean you should leave your house or if you can leave things behind when you sell your house then click the link here for some more of our FAQ’s: Alternatively, you can get in contact with us to speak to a member of our team directly for more information on 01204 294356 or [email protected].

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