How to sell a house on eBay

Living in a world where technology is accelerating at an unprecedented rate means that the tools that we have at our disposal allow us to reach a larger target audience effortlessly. It has never been easier than it is at this given moment to sell a house; this being due to online market places such as ‘eBay’ being so easily accessible to people from all walks of life.

At FastCash4Houses, we are here to ensure that you feel confident when embarking on the venture of selling your house. That is why we have put together a how-to guide on the process of selling your house on eBay and similar online market places. Keep on reading to gain an understanding of how the process works and what FastCash4Houses can do to make the process easier for you.

Step 1: Create an account

The first step in selling a house on any online market place is to firstly create an account on the chosen website. Simply click the sign-up button, enter your details and you’re ready to procced.

Step 2: Prepare for presentation

To ensure the sale of your house goes smoothly, you must first ensure that your property looks presentable. One of the main features of eBay and other such market places are that they are quite visual, meaning the first thing prospective buyers will draw their attention to is pictures of the property. A few ways in which you can enhance the look of your property are as follows:

  • Covering up wear and tear e.g. painting over marks on walls and buffing away scratches on flooring
  • Streamlining e.g. neatly organising stacks of magazines or items on a shelf
  • Decluttering e.g. removing clutter such as opened mail and random leaflets
  • Ambiance e.g. take your pictures in day light and include plants and tasteful art pieces within the pictures and maybe include a lit a candle or two

Step 3: Marketing your property

Once you have captured your pictures, it’s time to list your property. When doing so, you should highlight the best features of your property and also make sure to list local amenities such as restaurants and transport links.

Step 4: Close the deal

You’ve found a buyer and you’ve closed the deal… Great? Think again… Although selling your house on eBay may feel like an easy process, it is not necessarily the most cost-effective way of selling your house or the most time-efficient option. eBay charge a flat £35 for all property listings and additionally, PayPal will charge you 3.4% + a 20p flat charge on the final sale price of your home. Furthermore, listings are not legally binding which means you would still have the added work of having to meet the buyer and have contracts drawn up; which would most likely cost you even more due to a solicitor’s fee.


For those looking to sell their home in the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way, then using FastCash4Houses would be the best option. With us, you can sell your property in a quicker time frame with no estate agent or legal fees to pay. Unlike most online platforms, at FastCash4Houses, the buyer pays the commissions, so you can sell your house at no detriment to your pockets. We are totally transparent with you regarding the process and most importantly, extremely reliable. To get your free no obligation valuation today and to find out more about how we can help then visit our website at or get in contact with us to speak to a member of our team directly on 01204 294356 or [email protected].

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