How to sell a commercial property fast

The time between first deciding to sell to finally closing the deal can often seem endless. The process of selling your commercial property can be a lengthy one, which is often influenced by the route you choose to take: whether that be through an estate agent, an auction, or selling through another means.

As an owner, all methods of selling your commercial property have positives and negatives. This article has been written with you in mind, and will hopefully inform you of the best options for if you are eager to get your property sold quickly.

Commercial Estate Agents

One of the most common routes owners take when selling their property is contacting and working with an estate agent.

Although hiring and working with a reputable estate agent does have many benefits, it is usually the route to selling that takes the most time. A typical timeframe being 3-6 months, according to some estimates.

Commercial estate agents are also certain to cost you much more than just time.

You will have to consider the estate agents fees, solicitors fees and removal fees, as well as possible mortgage redemption and arrangement fees, depending on your circumstances.

All in all, this can take a lot of money off the value of your property – as well as taking up an enormous amount of time.

Fortunately, selling through an agent is not your only option…


Another increasingly popular method of selling commercial property is via auction.

Even though you need be aware of the fact you will be charged commission and auction fees as well as maybe not achieve the price you were expecting once the gavel goes down, auctions can still be a very good option for sellers.

They provide a seller with an excellent opportunity to achieve the best market price possible and once sold, you have security and certainty as the buyer is legally obliged to complete the sale.

This all helps to increase the speed of the transaction, which is already relatively fast and simple through auction. When successful, the whole process of selling through auction can take as little as six weeks from start to finish

Could I consider selling my commercial property through Fast Cash 4 Houses?

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