How to sell commercial land

The property market can be a minefield. Therefore, it is be completely acceptable and understandable for everybody to feel overwhelmed by the jargon and terminology from time to time.

As an owner of land or property, you may be wondering “what actually constitutes ‘commercial’ land?”, and “how does it differ from other types of land?”

Commercial land can be defined as any plot or subdivided area of land that can be (or is currently) used to generate profit. This includes, but is not limited to, using the land for business, warehouses, car parks or manufacturing plants.

If you are an owner of such property and feel like the time has come to sell, this is our guide to ensuring that you are in the best possible position in order to encourage a successful sale.

Being aware of buyer expectations.

Making land appear attractive to potential buyers is paramount.

Although they will probably not be as particular as homebuyers (after all, agreeing with carpet and kitchen fittings isn’t always a necessity when acquiring land), land buyers still need to see that the land will accommodate their specific needs.

Like any buyer, they will be very much aware of what they want from a purchase.

At the top of the list will almost certainly be it’s location, location, location.

A buyer needs to be made aware of the benefits of owning your piece of land specifically, and a massive part of this could be it’s location.

What is around the land? Is it in a well-sought after area? Is it accessible?

Other practicalities to make buyers aware of include the plot’s history, any fees a prospective buyer would have to take on when acquiring the land, as well as any restrictions on what can be built on it.

These are just some of the things to think about when advertising your property, to show it in the best, yet incredibly honest, light.


Another essential part, as with putting any property on the market is getting any relevant documents and financial information in order.

Buyers will probably wish to see up-to-date and finalised paperwork before closing a deal. Having these affairs in order will help make for a smooth and trouble-free sale.

If you require any more information or guidance on the legalities of land sales, our highly experienced team will no doubt be able to help you.

Watching the market

Despite differences in the residential and commercial markets, advertising the sale of your land at a peak time will be hugely beneficial to ensuring a sale, as is necessary when attempting to sell any type of property

If you would like some more advice, Fast Cash 4 Houses are here to help.

We will endeavor to answer any queries you might have about selling your commercial land. As number 1 trusted buyers, we can take away the stress and provide you with a no-obligation cash offer.

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