How To Sell A Small House

Selling a smaller property in theory is no different than selling any other size property. It has the same process and requirements and can be advantageous considering who the potential buyer is and what they are looking for in a property. Money savvy millennials and ageing pensioners are looking for more value for money in a smaller property. To attract this market to your property there are a few steps you can take. Following them can help increase the number of viewings you get and improve your chances of a sale.

Staging Your Home

Most importantly is to create an illusion of more space using the correct colour schemes and lighting. Doing either of these incorrectly can make rooms feel even smaller and can be off-putting when viewing. To do this, fresh neutral coloured paint on the walls would be ideal, it creates a blank canvas for potential buyers to imagine themselves in this property and allows them to easily picture any changes they want to make. Having lots of bright lighting covering all areas of the property will also make it look bigger; dark dingy spaces often can look unappealing so it’s best to avoid dim lighting.

Cleaning And Decluttering

First impressions count a lot and you want to make the best one possible, having a clean welcome will create a great first impression. An obvious improvement would be to clean and tidy the property to make it aesthetically appealing and complete any repairs that need to be carried out. If you can declutter the property by removing any unnecessary belongings it will also free up more space making the property look bigger yet again. Removing any personal belongings from any window sills goes a long way too as during the day more light can get into the property unobstructed, creating an open and light space.

Focus On Features

While the presentation is key when selling a smaller property, you can also capitalise on its features like location, outdoor space, and school ratings in the area. These are features that can encourage potential buyers to take the plunge on purchasing the property. The key is to find your property’s unique selling point and find a way to get that across. It’s essential to highlight these features when advertising the properties, so make sure you have a detailed explanation of them. When taking viewings you can ask the potential buyers questions to find out more information on their circumstances and tailor your approach to their needs. For example, if a couple comes to view the property and they are expecting a child, it would be ideal to point out how good the schools are in the area, or how close to local parks or activity centres they will be.

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