How To Sell An Empty House Fast?

Empty properties can commonly take longer to sell, and one reason why is because buyers struggle to picture themselves living there. When there is no furniture it is hard to make the property feel like home as it’s essentially an empty shell. If you are in a position where you need to sell your property empty, follow these tips to help get it sold quicker.

Outside Appearance

When advertising your property and its empty, the photos are unlikely to catch as much attention as those with furniture in. Therefore, It’s important to make sure the exterior of the house is in impeccable condition both for photographs to attract viewings and for when potential buyers come to physically see the property. Ensure any damage is rectified and all garden and patio areas are neat and clean. Finally, one of the best things you can do for a good impression is to clean the windows and make them sparkle, it keeps the property well looked after and enhances natural light into the property.

Inside Appearance

As the house is empty, any unclean or dirty areas will be immediately obvious, there will be no furniture to conceal the areas that have seen better days. Sofas and chests of drawers are usually ideal for hiding these types of issues but since the property is empty, all areas will need to look pristine to ensure the buyers have not been put off the property due to uncleanliness. Make sure the flooring, walls, and all other surfaces are as clean as possible and maybe redecorate areas that need more attention.

Visit The Property Regularly

Regularly visiting the property to make sure all is well is recommended, that way you can maintain the cleanliness and regularly warm the property using central heating so it’s not damp. This way it will keep its homely feel when people come to view it, and it will avoid the risk of any burst or frozen pipes due to the cold.

Sell On The Benefits

Although it can take longer to sell a property that is empty, it does have some advantages. Firstly, an empty property is likely to be chain free, meaning the owner has taken the next step on their own property journey. This can be great news for a buyer as there is a lot of flexibility on when to move in should they decide to purchase it.

How To Sell

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