How to sell land with planning permission

When preparing a piece of land to sell, there are many boxes which, if ticked, could give your land the edge in terms of grabbing attention and getting you a higher price. Arguably, the most beneficial box for a seller to tick is obtaining planning permission.

Having planning permission is essential, as it means that your land is turned into a viable plot to build on and will allow a potential buyer to make their changes as soon as it is theirs. If planning permission has already been put in place by the seller, a potential buyer’s life becomes a whole lot easier. Building or changing a plot without planning permission could lead to an ‘enforcement notice’, which are illegal to ignore.

It is therefore the case that if your land has planning permission, it will automatically appear less of a chore and therefore more attractive to buyers. It is a well-known fact that property and land with this added detail are sold at much higher prices than those without.

So, you have convinced me! How do I get it?

In order to request planning permission for your property or land, you must get in touch with your local planning authority (LPA) and submit an application.

The wait for a decision can take anywhere between 8-13 weeks and you will be notified of whether the permission has been granted/refused via letter.

Once you get a reply and discover that you have been granted your planning permission, it is important to make yourself aware of any clauses or conditions that come with it.

  • It is important to double check and make a buyer aware of just how long the planning permission is valid for. It is laid out in law that any planning permission granted must expire after a period of time. The typical timeframe is three years, unless the permission states otherwise. If development has not been started before this time lapses, the owner at the time will have to reapply.
  • Planning permission usually applies to the land itself, so can be sold or let with the planning permission coming with it. However, occasionally, planning conditions may be limited to the applicant, so will not transfer to a new owner or company. It is therefore incredibly important to check the clauses of your permission when listing your land for sale.
  • What the permission covers can be quite specific, therefore, the new owner will need to be made aware that what they want to build may not covered by existing permission. If this is the case, they may need to request it is amended before beginning development or reapply.

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