How to stage a bedroom to sell a house

A bedroom is an incredibly important feature in a home. It is a place where a person goes to relax, unwind, and feel safe.

When you are selling a house, it is therefore incredibly important to show the bedrooms in the very best light, so that potential buyers can imagine themselves feeling at home.

These are our top tips for when it comes to preparing and staging your bedrooms.

  1. No clutter!

Refrain from having too much clutter on display. Too many trinkets or pieces of furniture can distract from the features a room has to offer and can prevent you from creating a calm, fresh atmosphere. Little furniture will help show off the potential of the room and a neutral colour palette can also help to make the room look larger, peaceful, and more appealing.

You should also open the curtains and make a feature of any windows in the room. A good amount of natural light can enhance a room and help it to feel fresh and bright – both on photographs and in person.

  1. The bed

A simple, well-made bed is all that is necessary. If possible, it should be positioned so that it can be accessed from both sides, making the room look well-balanced. Invest in crisp white bed linen and add a splash of colour with a stylish throw and matching scatter cushions. This all helps to make the bed an appealing focal point of the room.

  1. Storage space

Showcasing either built-in or freestanding wardrobes is essential. Buyers like to be reassured that there will be adequate storage space should they buy your house. Make sure that inside the wardrobes and drawers are clean, organised, and tidy, because if it looks as though you are unable to fit your belongings in there – they are likely to believe that there is not enough room for theirs either!

  1. Plants

Once you have a bed, beside table(s) and wardrobe space, simple accessories are all that are needed to complete the look of the room.

Adding a little bit of greenery can not only make the room feel fresh and light, but it can also help improve the air quality. Plants in the bedroom can boost a person’s mood, reduce stress levels, and aid sleep – adding a sense of tranquillity to the room.

  1. Children’s Bedrooms

It is difficult to make a child’s bedroom look simple and serene – but you can help by once again ensuring there is as little clutter as possible. Tidying away toys can help towards creating a calmer, more desirable environment for buyers to look around.

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