How to stage a kitchen to sell your house

When it comes to selling a house, there are of course many different rooms and features that you would like to emphasise and revamp to optimise your chances at finding a buyer. One important room that you may be wanting to stage is your kitchen, which for many is the heart of the home and the place where memories are made. It is often listed as one of the most important features to potential buyers. With all this in mind, we bring you this article to give you our five top staging tips for your kitchen to help you sell your house.

Clear the clutter

As with all other rooms in your house, cleaning and tidying up your kitchen is vital. When buyers come into your home, they want to focus on all of the rooms’ layouts and their potential. In the kitchen, this means that you should clear worktops of equipment and boxes of food.

Of course, feel free to leave out a couple of striking items such as a wooden knife block, aesthetic sauce bottles or even cookbooks.

When buyers come to look at your home, they want to be free from distractions and be able to focus on what they would do to your space.

Add some colour

After you have decluttered the area, we would recommend that you add a splash of colour to the space. Adding a vase of flowers or a nicely arranged fruit bowl will add style to the space.

You could also add some beautiful rugs or towels, but make sure that they are in good condition if you are going to have them on display.

Consider repainting cupboards

Painting a fresh layer of colour onto your storage cupboards could make a world of difference and give your kitchen an appealing look.

If the handles are outdated, then consider paying a visit to your local hardware store and replacing them.

New light installations

Lighting is very important in a kitchen and by sprucing up this space with some snazzy new lights, you are likely to draw your buyers’ eyes.

If you want an option which is fairly simple to install, then consider buying some LED strip lights, which you could stick under cabinets. This could add an impressive, interesting flair to your kitchen whilst brightening up the space.

With anything you choose to have on display, remember that you are trying to attract a large target audience, so we recommend choosing light fixtures which will fit all tastes.

Add scents

Targeting all of your buyers’ senses is sure to entice them and draw them into your kitchen. You could light a candle or have some freshly brewed coffee on the worktops. A subtle room spray is always a good option.

No matter what you want to do to your property or if you have questions about buying and selling property, FastCash4Houses is here to help. Get in touch with us today and our friendly team will be here to help you out.

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